The Erath Earth Compost Tea System is the best on the market.  Our patented cyclone Vortex Generator oxygenates water faster and more effectively, providing high oxygen saturation levels.  This compost tea produced is an ideal natural fungicide, insecticide, and soil inoculate.  Growers will see higher yields that rival any traditional fertilizing method.

Organically producing rich soils and healthy plants by adding biology back to the land through the use of spraying with compost tea adds a blend of beneficial microorganisms and soluble nutrients that are available to the plant. Compost tea suppresses plant diseases and gives plants the extra energy they need for vigorous growth.                                                                                                                              

The Erath Earth system provides extraction of soluble nutrients & biology from compost and allows for brewing compost tea in large batches quickly.  The vortex separates solids, deodorizes anaerobic liquids and destroys plant pathogens.  A mild paramagnetic charge is also added to any solids passing through the vortex which has been known to stimulate plant growth.

Each system comes with lifetime support and consultation. Please contact us about pricing for on-site consultation.

        *Installation and brewing instructions

Our Compost Tea System in use at Hilltop Gardens

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